The difference between a Chauffeur and a Driver:

You may not know this, but there IS a difference between a driver and a chauffeur.  Sure, a lot of people use the words interchangeably but we at Special Occasions Limousine know that a chauffeur is so much more than a driver.  Whether you take a ride in one of our Executive sedans or utilize our Corporate buses you too will see the difference.

A chauffeur provides a much higher level of service than a driver.  He (or she) is dedicated to giving you great customer service and making sure your experience is top-notch from beginning to end and every stop in between.  A chauffeur will carry your luggage, meet you at baggage claim, and assist you into the vehicle if that’s what you need.  Part of this service includes paying attention to the details, particularly when you’re a repeat client.  If you request a certain soda on one trip, a chauffeur is going to remember to have that drink when he drives for you again.

A Trained Professional

A chauffeur is not only a trained professional he conducts himself in a professional manner, including dressing for the part.  You won’t be picked up by a chauffeur in jeans and a t-shirt he’ll be in professional attire, most likely a suit and tie.  You can count on him to practice discretion so that your private conversations and confidential information will remain that way.  The chauffeur golden rule is “Don’t speak unless spoken to,” so you won’t be bothered with unwanted chatter.  Your chauffeur doesn’t hit the road unprepared, he will research flight times, road closures, traffic flow and anything that may come between you and your destination.  He is also highly trained and must pass background checks, ensuring that you are always safe.

Your best bet

A chauffeured vehicle is your best bet when you’re looking for more than just a ride somewhere.  When comfort, safety, privacy, style, and personalized customer service are important to you, hire a chauffeur.

In our business it’s important that our customers know the difference the between a driver and chauffeur. While some of us offer this service, many of our clients may not fully understand the benefits of having a chauffeur.

Drivers- Drivers are excellent for providing quick, safe, reliable transportation where you need to go. They may or may not be required to wear a uniform; it depends on the company they work for.  And for the most part, your business with the driver concludes at the end of the journey.

Chauffeurs – Chauffeurs are specialized to provide the best service no matter the time of day. Most Chauffeurs are available on an on call basis so with a text message or phone call your chauffeur will be there to pick you up. They also have an amazing local knowledge and will gladly recommend places to visit and can even set up dinner reservations for you.

Educating our clients on the difference between the two will help us guide them to the right choice for their transportation needs.