Social Media - DIY?

Does your company have a social media consultant?

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This is a simple question right? How many would you respond by saying yes? What qualifies as a social media consultant?

Well the answer might be an easy one to answer since all it requires is a yes or no. However, to truly give it consideration you have to think about the individual or team that is posting the content to your social media platform. To answer the next question raised you would have to define what makes a social media consultant. Can anyone truly call them a consultant just because they post content to social media? There is a simple answer for that. The answer is no. I know this might offend some of you, but truly try to keep an open mind about it. After all, if you do not quality as a social media consultant, you want to give consideration to hiring one that is qualified.

Here are a list of considerations that define a social media consultant

A social media marketer provides strategic online recommendations based on the client’s business goals and intensive research. A marketer also reaches out to the target audience through various methods of social networking, and constantly monitors the buzz surrounding the client’s products and services.

They should be passionate, strategic, creative, personable, intelligent, aggressive, diligent, determined, adaptable, motivated and have a sense of humor.

To succeed, they need to do the following well:

  • Data analysis

  • Provides organic strategies to build a platform of visitors.

  • Training, presenting, and research. May often include seminars or workshops.

  • Relationship-building and networking. Connecting through a host of businesses.

  • Outreach to online users and bloggers. Using strategies to extend distribution, such as Outbrain.

Regarding the tools needed to read the analytics. Do you know which ones are the best to use? Will those applications meet your demand for data?

There are too many variables that impact who should be targeted on your social media platform, and if its working effectively.

Ad spend budget

Did you know there is an ad spend budget that you should take into consideration if your going to manage your own social media page? If you are going to use Facebook as your main platform for managing content, you will to get familiar with how they bill for advertisement.  Here is some source links, that will help you to determine your ad spend budget. We will use Facebook for this example.


Using Facebook as an example: You can figure out your ad spend budget based upon the following formula:


The articles that you just read, are just a few sources for helping you determine ad spend. Though you can find more information by searching online under the topic ad spend for social media. Keep in mind, there are allot of reasons why you may or may not want to “boost” or advertise a particular post.

Tips for advertising:

  •   Select posts or content that are promotion related.

  •   You want to distribute your own personal blog topic

  •   A special event or workshop seminar

  •   Video that pertains directly to your product or service

  •   Content that drives action, or call to action for your website

  •   You have a new website, and you would like to promote it

There are additional content that may wish to promote. However, to make wise use of your ad spend budget, you will want to make sure in some way, that is going to result in leads or value.


Can you keep up with the questions and comments? Facebook will give your normal response time for inquiries. Its good that you respond to the inquiries ASAP. If not at least, give your audience an expectation of how often you respond to questions or direct messages to your inbox. Best practice is up to 24 hrs for response time.

The appropriate expectations

Have you thought about your expectations from social media? Do you know what kind of results you want, and if you are going to be able to achieve them? The appropriate expectations should be realistic. If you have in mind that you are going to generate sales only from social media, then you may be disappointed. If you want to engage your audience with exciting content, that will lead them into becoming a customer, then your more inclined to make it happen. The important point, is to have realistic goals for yourself when you start managing content on social media.

There are un abandoned Facebook pages out there, because businesses started them, but didn’t have a clear direction on how they were going to develop it. Its like getting in a car and start driving down the road without having in mind where you are going, how much your going to spend to get there, and what your going to do when you get to your destination.

Bottom line:

I haven’t begun to touch the service of what content marketing and Management is all about. There are so many features of social media that you have to know. Its not all black and white. Even when it comes down to the dimensions of your profile, your photo cover, thumbnails and posts.  (provide link of earlier blog). There is allot to know.  Do you also have the mental and emotional make up to handle the pressure? You may still answer yes. But, if you begin your strategy and it doesn’t work at first, prepare to try new things. My suggestion to you, is to hire a social media consultant to do the work for you.  There are other things you can be focusing on, such as sales, products and services for your company. If you decide to hire a social media consultant the first topic should be open transparency and discuss expectations.

@ Future article will dive into "open transparency" and how that applies to social media in a little more detail then what was covered under the section Bottom line. We hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know. Thank you.

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