The 25th Anniversary of Stamp Out Hunger

Time to Stamp Out Hunger  -  SOH April 10 – May 5th

Each one of you can do your part. Special Occasions Limousine is going to lead by example. Let’s start by providing a little history of what Stamp Out Hunger is, and how it originated. Then what you can do to help.

Special Occasions Limousine - Stamp Out Hunger

The Background of SOH

SOH or Stamp Out Hunger is a trademark of the NALC or National Association of Letter Carriers. Their goal is to stamp out hunger one bag at a time. Millions of Americans live from one day to the next, uncertain where their next meal will come from. A sad statistic that helps to reinforce the importance of holding an annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, to be held this year on Saturday, May 13th.

SOH is in their 25th annual letter carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Since the nation’s largest single day food drive began in 1993, letter carriers ably assisted by untold thousands of family members, friends and other volunteers, have collected more than 1.5 billion pounds of non- perishable food left by customer’s mailboxes and delivered to local food banks in more than 10j,000 cities and towns in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam.

Last year, carriers collected more than 80 million pounds of food, well above the previous record of 77 million pounds. You can help to surpass this record by contributing this year. Join Special Occasions Limousine and the many other members who are heading this campaign. You can help to make a difference. Especially to those who may be your next-door neighbor.

Signing on as national food drive partners this year are the US. Postal Service, the National Rural Letter Carriers Association, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, United Way Worldwide, AARP Foundation, Valpak and Valassis.

I have seen how SOH can truly make a difference in the lives of so many people. Just the thought of so many people going to bed hungry at night, is enough to make me give what I can. We have never gone without, but I know if we did, there would always be someone who cared enough to donate their non-perishable goods through this charitable program.

The idea is not to make people feel bad, but to realize the good that they are doing by providing what they can to those in need. Your donation doesn’t go un-noticed. If you need more information on Stamp Out Hunger or the NALC, please visit their website directly at www.nalc.org.

Remember SOH starts April 10 through May 5th.  So start making plans today. If you have any questions regarding Stamp Out Hunger, please contact www.nalc.org. Thank you.