Riding Responsibly - What you should know

Responsible Apping, why you need to know who you are hailing.

Ride Hailing Apps - What you should know

Did you know that you carry a large responsibility when it comes to selecting your transportation? We often think, as long as the service is allowed to operate, the company we use must be qualified and reputable, right! Well, we would hope the same thing. But it’s not always the case.

It is easier to get a job with a ride hailing or on demand transportation company, then it is to get a job at a fast food joint. Is that unbelievable? It would stand to reason that a thorough background check would be done with a company that is charge of the lives of people who get into their vehicles. Drivers should be properly screened, licensed and trained, which includes the following:

1.     Criminal background and security check by a certified agency or equivalent.

2.     Pre-hire drug testing and random testing program, when required by USDOT.

3.     Driver training program that includes driver duties, customer service, safety and defensive driving skills.

4.     Certified medical examination, as required by local, state, and federal regulations.

5.     Proper supervision, retraining and discipline when appropriate.

You can rest assured that these pre-cautions and more are done before we hire any chauffeur to drive our passengers. In addition, the DOT (Department of Transportation) mandates that any commercial driver, which applies to Special Occasions Limousine, must have a certified medical test. It must be performed by a DOT certified medical examiner.

“The reason why I say Special Occasions Limousine must do this is because, we are regulated by the DOT. Your ride hailing apps or drive on demand companies are not regulated by the DOT”.

Then on top of this there should be guidelines for the vehicles used as well. Ground Transportation vehicles should be properly licensed, safe, and commercially insured which includes the following:

1.     Commercial insurance with liability coverage, as required by local, state and federal regulations.

2.     Proper licensing permits.

3.     Motor vehicle inspections, as required by local, state and federal regulations

Source: www. Rideresponsibility.com

Ground transportation companies should provide a level of care as outlined by the passenger Bill of Rights as established by Ride Responsibility. Often times this is the very thing that get’s lost in the world of hailing apps and on demand transportation. The first thought is the money that can be made, versus the treatment and care of the passenger. This is a problem that requires an immediate fix, if we are to guarantee the longevity of ground transportation.

There is no doubt, that Special Occasions Limousine put’s the safety and care of their passengers first. Matter of fact we are determined to keep it in front of us as a company mission. We our held to a different standard then other transportation companies. Such as ride hailing apps and on demand transportation apps. The consistency of regulation should be the same for all ground transportation vehicles and companies.

If Special Occasions Limousine wasn’t governed by a federal agency, we would still provide a high level of service to our customers. It’s just part of the fabric of who we are, and how we expect our customers to be treated. Nothing less is acceptable.

When it comes to our clients satisfaction, you have my personal guarantee that you will be delighted to travel with us. We ask that you report anything unusual and anything that doesn’t meet your standards for transportation. We want you to be a return customer of ours. Special Occasions Limousine will go the extra mile, to ensure the quality of your ride. It doesn’t matter what type of event it is. The manner in which our staff and chauffeurs treat our customers is very serious. We will not put up with anything that sheds a negative light on our relationship with our clients.

Please feel free to leave feedback on our website. Click on the link at the bottom of the page, and let us know how we are doing. Feel free to let us know the details of your experience with Special Occasions Limousine. We appreciate your continued business. Thank you.

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